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The son of two music teachers, Voidova has been preforming and recording music since he can remember.  His band in high school, M!ND fURY, wrote and recorded 100 songs, all of them good (lol).  Out of high school Voidova formed the band Digma while he also DJd raves around the Midwest.  Digma tracked their ep at Smart Studios in Madison, WI.  The famed studio Nirvana tracked Nevermind in, and The Smashing Pumpkins tracked their debut album.  


In 2002 Voidova moved north to Minneapolis and formed Xerus.  Over the next 6 years Xerus would tour the nation, have songs on college radio coast to coast, play SXSW and release two e.p.'s on their label, SkinCell Record Group.


With Xerus taking a break 2008, Voidova set his sights on a city where music business is actually a thing that is happening.  In 2009 he moved to Los Angeles and joined an arena rock band called Machine Empire.  Taking on the roll of only singing for the first time, Voidova made his mark on the soon to be extinct Sunset Strip Metal scene.  Machine Empire's fan base began to grow, and a documentary film was being shot of the band, to be shopped to major networks.  Alas, the band imploded and the footage never saw the light of day, except for one trailer.  Opening for LA Guns at the now closed Knitting Factory was one of many highlights of the early days of Machine Empire.


Over the next few years, Voidova bounced from project to project.  Wrapped up in work, life, and love, putting together another band wasn't a priority.  Now living in Santa Monica with his beautiful lady, he settled in and began writing what would become his next incarnation, Salt Altar.  "each/other" was released on Bandcamp in 2014.  A music video for Voidova's take on Madonna's "Open Your Heart," from the viewpoint of a male stalker was released to promote the album.  


In 2015 Voidova moved to San Francisco for work.  He wrote and recorded what would become the Park Regent e.p. After having friends listen to it, the urge to release it and get it out to the masses struck.  He moved back to Santa Monica, and through a friend Voidova found HRDRV, the indie label he is now signed to.  The rest is history being written right now.  New Voidova music is in the works.  The new album, "Broken Clouds," is scheduled to be released thru HRDRV on 3/27/20 on all major streaming platforms.