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Join BMI or ASCAP.
These are called Performance Rights Organizations. They collect your performance and mechanical royalties. This means whenever your music is sold (CD or downloads), streamed "on demand" or on radio. They do NOT collect streaming royalties.
Join Songtrust.
Songtrust is a third-party publishing administrator. They collect streaming royalties that DistroKid does not. When you register your songs with Songtrust, they also automatically register those songs with your PRO (like BMI or ASCAP).
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Join SoundExchange.
Join SoundExchange to collect additional digital performance royalties. Such as satellite and digital cable, satellite radio services, webcasters, etc. Click here.
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Fortunes is a team of music and tech enthusiasts based in Vienna. Their mission is to put comprehensive music data analytics at the fingertips of millions of music creators.
Gain access to your artist portals.
There's almost nothing worse than an outdated Spotify profile pic. In order to update your profile photos and artist bio on streaming platforms, you have to gain access to your portals. 
- Spotify for Artists
- Apple Music for Artists
- Pandora AMP
- Tidal
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