Who is Stephen Randall?


Stephen Randall was born in Zanesville, OH and was one of four brothers. At an early age,  a family divorce prompted his family to relocate to Orlando, Florida. Randall’s family struggled with a single mother household but overcoming these obstacles taught him the importance of discipline, hard work, and dedication. His introduction to music came from his father who was a DJ, and would bring a young Randall to his DJ events where his passion for music first flourished. Continuing into his middle school years Randall played percussion for the school/jazz band and gained collaborative experience and life instrumentalism. Fast forward to his adult life shortly after high school he and some friends formed a local record label in Florida


Introduction to Producing Music


In Deltona, FL the record label Randall and his friends founded began getting local attention as artists that worked with the label were buzzing and now performing in various cities throughout Florida. After moving away from Deltona, Randall, and long time friend Angelo Canicatti created a production company and studio called One Touch Entertainment. Sleepless nights and a genuine dedication to growing the label earned One Touch Entertainment a win for “Studio of the Year“ in the 1st Annual Orlando Music Awards in 2015. One Touch Entertainment went against renowned studios in the Orlando Area such as Plush, Studio 18, and KDS and won. After the success of his label, Randall ventured into his next challenge. 


Randall teamed up with Anthony James to create Kustom Sounds Studios. During their two year tenure Randall produced or engineered for major acts such as X Factor finalist Lillie McCloud, Cash Money Records Artist Caskey, Lil Flip, Flipmode member Spliffstar, Coke Boys, Bricksquad and many more. After this venture was completed Randall sought out to be a sole entity creating the name “RandalldidIt” and decided to focus solely on engineering. This is when he met his current partner Adrian ”Auidi” Vazquez who was seeking out a lead engineer for his studio. 



The Big Move!


Randall and Auidi quickly developed a plan to get the team out to Los Angeles and pursue a career in music full time. Very quickly, the two hit the ground running and Auidi decided to create the company ADV, LLC with Randall as his second in command. From the opportunities and prime location of Los Angeles, Randall began attracting higher profile clients such as Lil Baby, Kap G, Rizzo Rizzo, Steven Cannon, Tyla Yaweh and various Social Media Influencers who have built a relationship and rapport with. In fact, many of these influencers are beginning their musical careers with ADV’s help. During the first year of Randall’s Los Angeles move one of his choice studios was the renowned “Fab Factory” founded by Mix Engineer Shaun Fabos. Also a resident of Fab Factory, legendary mix engineer Dave Pensado became a close friend and would give “tips here and there” to the up and coming engineer. With elite award winning acoustically treated rooms and top of the line equipment, Randall began sharpening his skills and turning in better results.


What About Now?


In May 2019, ADV expanded and created a thriving studio in North Hollywood,CA called “Studio 7” founded by Adrian Vazquez. It’s LED cloud lit control room has been a creative draw for local and artists abroad.The team has also Joined forces with Nelson Diaz of BTB Music Group, based in Los Angeles gearing up to signing new artists and continuing to create “world” records to shape and shift the culture of modern music. In January 2020, Randall signed an agreement to become an A&R Coordinator for ACME Music Co. LLC. Founded by Midi-Mafia’s Bruce Waynne and Music Executive Mogul, Mark Ross and hit songwriter Lucas Banker.