Shawn “Source” Jarrett is an RIAA Certified Audio Engineer and Music Producer. His discography includes artist from Young Thug to Calvin Harris, Austin Mahone, French Montana, Cassie, Atlantic Starr, Ciroc, and several in-between. Source prides himself on being able to work in a variety of genres, and uses his resources to connect artists, producers, writers, and creatives worldwide.

Originally from New York, Source began creating and recording music in his early teens. Growing up, he was positioned with the opportunity to be a multi-faceted musician and recording engineer in a professional recording facility. Source got his start at a young age working with Jonathan and Wayne Lewis from Atlantic Starr, defining his roots in production and audio engineering. It was in this time, Source realized the difference between a beat programmer and a true producer.

Although working primarily in R&B and Pop at that time, his love for Hip-Hop was inspired by the likes of J-Dilla, RZA, and Nas, and was nurtured through his experiences as an adolescent. As a jazz pianist, he was able to mold the structures of a variety of genres, always finding ways to alter melodies and arrangements, to create a unique sound.

Upon receiving his Masters Degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, Source became the Chief Engineer at KDS Recording Studios (Previously TransCon) and continued to work with a variety of major label artists for about a decade.

In 2016, Source decided to make the move to California. His very first session landed him his first RIAA Certified Gold Plaque. As a member of the production collective Left Lane Music Group, Source continues to produce, engineer, develop artists, and collaborate on records.

“Come And Get It From The Source” #MixedBySource