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1. The song must already be released.
Currently we only register songs that have been released. If your song is out on streaming platforms, let's go! The songs you register with us do NOT need to be released through HRDRV. We are happy to register any songs on your behalf, despite who uploaded them. 

2. You must have all the publishing splits and publishing information from your collaborators.

A song is registered at 100%. This means we need to know who gets what percentage, and we need to know everyone's publishing information. 

What Publishing Information we need from each of your collaborators:

1. Writer's Name

2. Performance Rights Organization

3. Writer IPI#

IF they have a publishing company, we also need:

1. Publishing Company Name

2. Performance Rights Organization

3. Publishing Company IPI#

What are the terms?

1) HRDRV & Songtrust receive a 15% fee from all of the songs you choose to register with us, for at least 24 months - this fee comes directly from your publishing earnings on songs you register with us.

2) Every song you register through us is under a 24-month contract period. 

3) You are never required to register your publishing via the HRDRV Publishing Administration service.

4) There is no minimum song requirement and this agreement is non-exclusive.

5) If you discontinue your HRDRV membership, you will no longer be able to use our Publishing Administration service. However, all previously registered songs will remain with us for the duration of your 24-month contract period. After 24 months, you are more than welcome to transfer your song publishing administration elsewhere.

6) You will be paid bi-annually.