Remote Recording & Collab Sessions

Work with our vetted team and other HRDRV members from anywhere in the world.

Remote Recording


Work with one of our incredible engineers, from your own home. Vocal production is included.
$50/hour for HRDRV Members Only.

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Get you a session with Ge Oh! Ge Oh is a laid back, knowledgeable and friendly guy! He is versatile and quickly finds a way around implications that will have both your vocals and mix sounding crisp with just a few adjustments. He is quick to respond and also offers advice on how to improve the track as a whole. I always look forward to our sessions! 
- Indigo Hertz, London

Considering the number of times myself and Ge Oh have done remote sessions together, he never fails to amaze me with all the new techniques and tips he has always generously shared with me. When he first introduced the idea of remote recording to me, I remember feeling overwhelmed especially when I did my first session with him. But, Ge Oh guided me throughout the process and answered every question I had with so much patience and clarity. He also always comes up with efficient ways that he thinks would work best for his clients. New things, especially online-related ones, are being introduced to us everyday but this is easily one of the most effective and excellent ideas, that is of massive help, to have ever existed for musicians especially for starting ones like myself. Highest recommendation!
- Eunice Janine, Ireland