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We've partnered with Songtrust to provide full service

publishing administration for HRDRV members!





What is publishing?

Publishing is a type of royalty that is collected by Performance Rights Organizations like BMI and ASCAP. If you are releasing music and you do not register your publishing for each release, you are missing out on money! It's impossible to retroactively collect publishing royalties on songs after a couple years have passed - so let us help you get your business together NOW.

What is publishing "administration"?

Publishing Administration is just a fancy way of saying, "We'll register your publishing for you." This means you'll never have to login to BMI or ASCAP ever again. We'll do all the heavy lifting of registering your music publishing for you with our partners at Songtrust. In exchange for this service, HRDRV & Songtrust will collect a 15% fee from your registrations, and 85% will always go directly to you. The best part is this is non-exclusive, meaning you can choose which songs you want to administer through us.

What are the terms?

Please note: This is NOT a publishing deal. This is a non-exclusive publishing administration agreement. There is a one-time set up fee of $90 for Silver and Gold HRDRV members.  Platinum members get set up at no additional charge.

The service is completely free after set up, as long as you are a HRDRV member!

1) HRDRV & Songtrust receive a 15% fee from all of the songs you choose to register with us, for at least 24 months - this fee comes directly from your publishing earnings on songs you register with us.

2) Every song you register through us is under a 24-month contract period. 

3) You are never required to register your publishing via the HRDRV Publishing Administration service.

4) There is no minimum song requirement and this agreement is non-exclusive.

5) If you discontinue your HRDRV membership, you will no longer be able to use our Publishing Administration service. However, all previously registered songs will remain with us for the duration of your 24-month contract period. After 24 months, you are more than welcome to transfer your song publishing administration elsewhere.

6) You will be paid bi-annually.

How It Works

We've set up an easy work flow for you! 


1. If accepted, we'll add you as a songwriter to our Songtrust Label Account.

There is a one-time set up fee of $90 for Silver and Gold HRDRV members.

Platinum members get set up at no additional charge.

The service is completely free after set up.


2. Whenever you want us to register your publishing for a new release, you'll fill out a very simple Publishing Intake form. We'll handle the rest.


It takes up to 9 months for royalties to begin generating for a song. Sadly, that's just how this business works - there's nothing we can do about it. You will be paid bi-annually, so there's plenty of time to collect all the royalties you've earned during each quarter.


The sooner you register your publishing, the quicker you can start getting paid what you're owed.