You're not getting all your money!

Hey Artists!

Mickey Shiloh here. I know that understanding how royalties and publishing works can be confusing and overwhelming (to say the least).

Below are few important things you should know and sign up for to make sure you are getting ALL THE MONEY DUE TO YOU.

When you do not collect your money it eventually goes into something called the Black Box. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get your money once it goes there.

1. Register as a writer and performer with a PRO like BMI or ASCAP.

They collect your performance and mechanical royalties. This means whenever your music is sold (CD or downloads), streamed "on demand" or on radio. They doNOTcollect streaming royalties.

2. DistroKid (TuneCore, CDBaby, etc) is a distributor, they collect streaming royalties.

Sadly they do NOT collect ALL of your streaming royalties. They only collect your recording streaming royalty, not the intellectual property streaming royalty. Yes, there are two types... DistroKid only collects one for you.

3. To collect ALL of your streaming royalties, you will need to join a third party admin like

There is a one-time membership fee, but you get $20 off with our code.Click here.Songtrust also automatically registers your songs with your PRO. Which makes life way easier.

4. Join 

to collect additional digital performance royalties.Such as satellite and digital cable, satellite radio services, webcasters, etc.

If there's anything you need please let us know at any time. Just contact:

We hope you've been enjoying HRDRV services and we look forward to continuing to build with you.

All the best,


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