Using collaborations to your advantage

Hey #TeamHRDRV 

Your boy CAL here again. Today I’d like to share the basics of collaborating with other artists.

Ok…so you have your song... it came out great, you have yourself a dope featured artist and now it's time to release!

What should your next steps be? 

First things first: 

When submitting your song for release, always, I mean always...make sure you write “(feat. Artist name)” in the title of your song.

Include your featured artist along with you as the main artist. I’ll tell you why!

When that song releases, it’ll show up on both artist profiles as the latest release. This will give you the opportunity to be seen by your fans as well as your collaborators’ fans.

Thiscross promotionwill help you increase your monthly listeners and gain more fans.

Second step:

Coordinate social media with your featured artist. See if they’d be willing to post your single on their page at least once.

Exposing your new single with their audience also attracts more eyes on your song.


If you’re bold, use DM marketing to your advantage…and I say this cautiously. Be very strategic and professional. Send out ashortmessage with your landing page link to your featured artists’ fans. Let them know you have a song together.

To create smart links for your music, just create a free account on

This strategy has helped me along the way with my own music marketing.

Best of luck,



Make sure to reach out to other HRDRV artists for collabs! We have a ton of talent on squad. Let's get it!

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