Upcoming platforms you gotta be on


Your boy CAL here again!  Let’s get right to it. 

As an artist, you may be seeking new avenues to grow your career.

Me personally, I always try and find platforms that are growing as well. Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal all started somewhere.

What if you found some services that aren’t as popular yet and utilized them before they blow? 

New upcoming platforms are your chance to set your presence and dominate. 

Now that we’re in the realm of independent artists on the rise, a lot of new companies are willing to help.

In this newsletter I’m going to share with you some of the platforms I’ve come across that are doing great things for independent artists.

Let's start with:


Some of you might already have this beta app, which Mickey shared with us some time ago.

This app allows you to be you. You can sing your heart out to a vast majority of beat selections. You can also partner up and add on to someone else’s video. Which in return helps you gain a fan or following.


I can’t continue without mentioning TikTok because their making a presence of their own. Gary Vee also thinks they’re going to be the next big thing for artists. I’d suggest putting some focus there as you would Instagram.This platform is more established than the ones I’m going to share with you, but keep in mind- presence is what you want.


This platform is all about being your own DJ. You can set up livestreams and interviews. You can do it all yourself, and the best part is- they want you to! And if you’re an artist that doesn’t want to be the host, you can still create an artist account and network with DJs to play your music. It all counts as royalty streams from Spotify or Apple Music. So I’d suggest heading over there and start getting heard! @stationhead


Lüm is similar to StationHead in the sense that it helps in building a community. The owners are heavily involved, which is a major benefit to you. When you’re still able to contact the owners directly on the platform or Instagram, you know they’re willing to help you. When you win, they win... as long as you do your part as an artist .. which is to provide art! They also throw events for artists on their platform, so everyone can interact and network and even perform. I went to an event in NYC and saw this first hand. Make sure you sign up and get your music heard!


Wav is similar to Lüm, It’s a music platform you can share your visuals and music with tons of fans for free. They support emerging artists and allow you to monetize your brand on the site in the form of digital currency. Fans can pay their favorite artists directly on the app for shout outs or listens. @wav


A new platform and app that is all about connecting artists. You can request features from artists you like here. It’s a great platform for networking and building relationships. Perfect if you’re looking for a specific sound and you want to find new people to work with on a song.


I hope this information helps you reach new heights and gain more fans in 2020 and beyond. 

Lets go #TeamHRDRV



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