The power of automation


In this newsletter I'd like to discuss some pre-planning ideas with Automation.

If there’s ever a time on your calendar that you know for sure you’re going to be busy and less active on emails or Social Media, how about automating some posts and have them set up for those days or weeks?

I personally like to use this app called ‘Preview’…but there are others, such as ‘Later’

What these apps do is allows you to pre-game your IG/Story posts.

You can set your posts up days or even weeks in advance. Write out all of your captions and hashtags and have it all ready!

I schedule mine first thing in the morning, so no matter how busy my day gets I already have a post out there.

Think of it as an alarm clock. You set the date and time and ‘Preview’ will alert you to post. All you have to do is open the app, download the post and caption, and boom— copy and paste into Instagram.

Now you can go on about your day and not worry about “what should I post? What should I write?”

It’ll all be done already.

Thank you for tuning in. Again, have a great day and keep pushing!

Til next time,


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