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Your boy CAL here. Today I’d like to share with you some gems I use when I’m having a busy week or catch a brain freeze. You know! Those days where you can’t seem to get across what you’re thinking visually. I want to help you think like a blogger, think like a director. How can you showcase what you’re promoting in the most eye-catching form?

Of course, you have access to HRDRV Visualizers to promote your music. But sometimes you want to post more. Check out the list of great apps below. You can use these to help spark ideas and post aesthetically pleasing content on the go, with the touch of a button.

  • Over- story and post templates you can customize

  • Adobe Spark Post- customizable templates

  • Filmmakerpro- Video edits

  • Picsart- photo editing (they have free HD photos you can use as well)

  • Lensa- auto correction for your pictures and selfies

  • Instories- customizable templates for Stories

  • FX- Cool video effect

  • Canva- Logo creation or animation for posts

Let’s also quickly discuss Instagram stories. Are you aware that you can use hashtags on your stories as well? Unlike a regular IG post which allows 30 hashtags, Instagram stories allows you to use 10 hashtags.

Now, these quick 15 second posts are awesome because they pique interest. They are fast and quick snaps of what you’re promoting.

Let me explain how I use my hashtags. I type out all 10 hashtags and change the color to match the actual post and shrink it down, hide it and blend it into the post! Make sense?

Now by doing that, you will start to see a lot more views and engagement on your story posts! In fact, a lot of businesses do this. Why not you?

Hope this gets you going and motivated. Get creative, let’s work!


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