Creating Our Own Network - Spotify Algorithms

Attention all HRDRV Artists!

Welcome to the start of our memo series. We want to empower and educate independent artists, so what better way than to shoot out a newsletter on hot topics. We'll keep these messages brief and won't blow up your inbox. The next memo's will be sent this Monday and Thursday, but after that most likely just one per month!

CAL here, fellow artist and entrepreneur. Today I want to talk a little bit about playlisting, streams and their vital role on breaking through algorithms.

I suggest everyone on the team start making your own playlists on whichever streaming service you choose. Make it fun, make it exciting. Enough so, that you would want to listen to it yourself.

Add your new songs and all other HRDRV artists songs on there. Stream and share your link! You can see our roster’s releases by searching “HRDRV Records” on Spotify, Apple Music or by visiting

Promote your songs as well as your playlist, this way everyone included gets some love and streams. By doing this, not only are you promoting yourself and others, but you will create a buzz that the streaming services will view as something newis happening.

This will potentially get you thrown into their streaming algorithms which will then lead to your songs potentially getting streamed organically by more fans.

Increasing your visibility, sound and ultimately more payouts.

For example:

I play my playlist in order or put it on shuffle. This allows me to constantly hear new music while supporting my fellow team mates.

Lets get our careers growing together!



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