HRDRV has radio and playlisting services!

Hey Artists!

Mickey Shiloh here, your trusted CEO! I've got some super exciting news for us.

Since I founded HRDRV one of the #1 questions we got was,"do you do promotion?"Now... I tried to make it clear to people that we are not a promotion company; we are a creative services company. We want to make your music product shine aesthetically and sonically.

However, my goal is always to help independent artists as much as I possibly can. And promotion is pretty damn important.So, now we've got a whole promotions department. 

I had a meeting in November with Joey Quarles. Joey has been in major radio for over 20 years and worked at Warner before leaving to build his own company. His company Streetpace has partnered with us to provide industry standard radio and streaming promo services to all HRDRV artists.

Now... Is it free? No... unfortunately it can't be. With radio, you've gotta spend money to make money. Actually, with anything good you've gotta spend money to make it.

FACT: Most label majors spend a quarter of a million dollars on their artists' radio campaigns.

But not to worry! You don't need 250k for these incredible campaigns we've got on deck. Streetpace does streaming promotion (100,000+ streams across all major platforms) for just $750.

And if you're looking to do National FM Radio and Major Retail Radio, etc... you'll be looking to spend $800-1000 per station.

If interested in finding out more details, please visit

Time to level up! Don't be scared to invest in yourself.

If there's anything you need please let us know at any time. Contact:

All the best,



Don't forget you can access all of your artist services at

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