Building Email Lists (Important!)


CAL here. Hope everyone’s having a great Friday and enjoying all the services we’ve been able to provide so far.

Today I’d like to talk to you about email blasts.

Have you ever noticed a time when Instagram’s down!? Or any other platform is just having a bad day.

Well that should never be our problem, right? Our business and career must still move forward, as selfish as that sounds. It’s the truth in the world of business.

Assuming we all agree that our music is a business. It is! With that being said, we must always be two steps ahead of the unexpected events that can take place with social media platforms.

It is imperative that we start collecting emails of our own. All these other companies do it! Why not you?

Start by collecting each other’s email addresses on the team. Join the Facebook group. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one another and ask if you’d like to exchange emails. We are in this together.

An alternative to that and also a great way to gain new fans is

Create a download gate with your songs and make email capture the first step for fans to gain access to your song. They’ll save the emails for you.

And with those emails use to create your mailing list(s). On Mailchimp you can make great email templates and automate email campaigns. Simply schedule an email blast weeks or even months in advance.

This way you don’t have to even think or worry about it. You’ll always have your new fans up-to-date with your new music drops or other things you want to promote.

I hope this serves you well on your path of gaining momentum and new fans!

Let’s build!



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