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Hey Musicians!

Your boy CAL here. Hope you all had an incredible holiday season!

We wanted to start 2020 off right by discussing all the great apps that can help with savings and portfolio diversification. Apps that will help put away funds for splurging on those plug-ins, recording gear, promos and other miscellaneous expenses that come with being a musician.

Of course retirement is important as well, which is why I’ll also include tips for that. But more specifically this newsletter will be about how to set aside funds for your music.

Personal Cap App

 Personal Cap App will put your finances in perspective. It'll show you how your finances are looking currently by displaying your assets along with your liabilities. You’ll be able to see your whole financial picture here. Give it a try… here’s the link:

Earnin App

Earnin App will give you funds as if it were from your check, a week before pay day. When pay day arrives they take back what they gave to you. You can use this advance however you’d like, pay a bill, purchase that new plug-in, pay for promo, etc. However, its a peer-to-peer system, so tips are always welcomed. Give it a try… sign up with my link to instantly receive $20 to get you started:

Credit Karma

Aside from being on top of your credit score and monitoring your accounts,

Credit Karma now offers a free savings account with a 1.90 APY rate.

Set up your savings however you’d like (weekly/monthly), and before you know it you’ll have some extra cash stashed for yourself.

Acorns App

Acorns is a great way to test the waters with stocks. They do all the thinking for you... just deposit a few bucks (or more) and they’ll invest it for you. It’s a good way to save for a rainy day or invest long-term. 

Use Mickey’s code for an instant $5:

Albert App

The Albert app is also a great tool to set financial goals and view your spending habits. Albert also offers genius services, where you can text a live person about your goal and get expert advice. They also offer an automatic savings account for a rainy day.

Albert is awesome because it’s like having a personal accountant that’ll text you alerts on your spending habits and more. Check it out below:

Click here to start saving with Albert.

Trim App

Trim finds and cuts reoccurring payments and subscriptions. They can also set up a savings account for you to reach an emergency fund goal. With your permission Trim can also negotiate a lower credit card APR, cheaper service from cell phone, internet, and cable providers on your behalf (the Albert App does this too). To negotiate and lower your bills Trim has a monthly fee of $10, but the simple savings is free.

Give it a try...

Robinhood App

Similar to Acorns, Robinhood is an easy stock app that allows you to effortlessly make and monitor your investments.When invited to join Robinhood, you and I both earn a free stock! As soon as your application gets approved, Robinhood will credit both of our accounts.

The value of the share may be anywhere between $2.50 and $200, and fluctuates based on market movements. They choose from the most popular companies on Robinhood, based on the total value and the price of each share.

Here's a link to start you off:

Keeper App

The Keeper app scans all of your accounts and looks for tax write-offs for your business, i.e. any expenses you had for business purposes. They’ll also help you set funds aside for tax purposes. This is great because it helps you look through each expense. You choose which expense was for personal use or for business. Give it a try by clicking here.

Lastly, look at the Cushion App

Cushion through Facebook Messenger, will fight for you with their bots. They’ll fight for your interest fees, overdraft fees, international fees and ATM fees that you accrued in your checking, savings, and credit cards. They take 25% cut off the refunds they get you, but think about it… that’s money that was already gone and taken from you. Why not fight back! You can use those returned funds for savings or add it to your rainy day fund.

Click this link to find out how much money they can get back for you! 

Lets get to work #TeamHRDRV

I hope this is all of great service to you. I want you all to succeed and always be aware of the tools available to you. The knowledge is right at your fingertips!

Speak soon,


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