Creating Pre-Save Campaigns

Today I’d like to discuss pre-saving campaigns.

As you already know with Distrokid you have access to your own hyperfollow link with each release for Spotify. 

This link allows you to secure listeners before your song releases… which is vital for your streaming numbers on release day, but only for Spotify.

In order to broaden your presence on other streaming platforms, it is a good idea to have some pre-orders and pre-saves from platforms such as Apple Music or Deezer.

Now let’s dig in a little further. How about along with your hyperfollow you set up a campaign that includes all streaming platforms.

Try using:

Soundplate allows 2 smart links for free on the basic package.

Anything free works for me. I’d utilize that strategically with each release.

How this works is as soon as you get your pre-save or preorder links, you’d plug them in and start sharing that. Social media posts, texting friends, email engagement (which we will discuss soon).

All of this will ultimately get you ready for release day.

Also other sites to consider for pre-save campaigns are and

Some are more expensive than others, but you choose what’s more suitable for you.

These services are designed to gather more listeners and gain more fans. Preparation is key.

Here at #HRDRV we strive to teach and share all information that will allow us all to prosper in our careers. 

Lets keep it going!



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