Do you have your own record label?

Do you have at least one artist or a roster of artists? 

At HRDRV, we have streamlined the process of covering every recording artist's basic needs. We've mastered everything from artwork, visualizers, promo flyers, and music production to mixing/mastering and more. All at the touch of a button.

By partnering with HRDRV, your artists will have access to everything they need instantly. They simply login and request the services they need, whenever they need them.


You sit back and collect 15% commission on their sign up, and earn 5% of their streaming royalties on every upload (recurring in perpetuity unless they ask us to remove their music from stores). HRDRV handles all customer service for you as well.


By using your label to sign up, your artists get 20% off their membership and they receive 90% of their streaming royalties on all uploads - we don't even touch their publishing! This is a win-win for everyone.

What a label partnership with HRDRV looks like:

  • Co-releases under "HRDRV & Your Label Name"
  • Get instant earnings on your artists' sign ups

  • Get recurring revenue from your artists' streaming royalties

  • HRDRV does all the customer service and admin for you

  • Your artists are never required to upload through us

  • Our partnership is completely non-exclusive, you can partner with any other companies at any time

  • There is a $199 annual fee for label partnerships