Roly “nkdvkng” Gutierrez, has been a Music Producer and an Audio Engineer for over a decade as well as a seasoned voice actor.  He has worked with notable artists, such as, Mickey Shiloh, Mike Smiff, Prez P and a variety of successful independent artists and musicians worldwide. 


nkdvkng hails from the 305, or the land known as Miami-Dade County while surrounded by a diverse background, with family members who played in bands in Cuba, to the sounds of the inner-city streets and other Caribbean culture, adds to the sound palette and creative mindset of nkdvkng. His production background began in 1997 with his best friend Namebrand (R.I.P.) where they would skip class daily in order to make music in Namebrand’s garage studio. 


After his tenure at SAE Institute Miami in 2007, nkdvkng began producing across Miami and engineering with numerous before moving to his current home, Da Lab Studios.  With his mentor Make It Bang, nkdvkng has continued to model his sound to stay current and also innovative. This innovation and forward thinking is fueled by nkdvkng’s continual passion for the music that surrounds him and seeing his clientele happy with their end result.



  • No beat stems

  • 16 vocal tracks or less

  • 1 free revision

  • Turn around time: 7 days or less