For me things are simple. I just want to create the best product possible. Whether it’s a video for my youtube channel, coding my next app, or mixing a song. For any type of artist, my goal is the same, to create the best product possible. My work has been featured on HBO, Cartoon Network, in Major Motion Pictures, and just about everywhere. I can give your music the attention and quality it deserves with a quick turn around. I focus a lot of time in pop music so I can stay up to date with today’s sound, to learn new tricks of the trade, and to make sure the music can compete with the #1 song out. I always work to the best of my abilities. Before you send your music to me, do me a favor and make sure I am the right engineer for you. Review my catalog, check out the other amazing engineers here at HRDRV, and if you decide to move forward with me I promise to create an amazing sounding record.