Luke Mitchell is a mixing and mastering engineer with over a decade of experience. He spent 3 years touring as front man of his former band. Originally from the Midwest, with 5 U.S. tours under his belt (including Warped Tour), Luke now calls Los Angeles his home.

From humble beginnings in California, Luke spent the last 7 years building up a clientele that includes Nasri Atweh (MAGIC’s latest album “Expectations”), Adam Messenger, Supah Mario, Bizness Boi, DC the Don, The Lumineers, Leeyou & Danceey, Kazzey, Poe Leos, Josh Levi, and more. Luke has 20 Million+ Spotify streams on songs he has written, produced, and performed. All of which he has mixed.

Luke is fluent in Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic and Melodyne, and as an artist/vocalist himself, he has an especially great ear for vocal mixing. “You can’t teach taste, and taste separates the techies from the artists. Mixing is art - 90% ear and 10% fundamentals.” Far beyond the 10K hour mark, Luke mixes from the perspective of the artist, keeping in mind the consumer, and the music business professional. He’s not afraid to do something “improper” if it brings out the life in the song.

Outside of working on his own music, and writing, producing, and mixing for others, Luke operates Lukebox Design, a studio design and development company, and has had the opportunity to build out studios forover 30 different artists/producers. 

“The  room you are mixing in plays a big part in decision making. I started designing  studios for the sole purpose of getting a better mix. I know a thing or two.” ;)

Luke’s dedication to getting the best product runs deep, and he only knows how to mix a project as if it was his own.