Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is HRDRV?

HRDRV is a creative services and distribution administration company. This means we provide our artists with free cover art, visualizers, production, discounted mixing/mastering, logo design, mentorship, distribution to major streaming platforms and more. We are not a PR, booking, publishing or management company. We do of course promote our artists' music through our own channels, but our primary focus is to make their music product shine aesthetically and sonically. Through that creative help we aim to bring our artists more revenue, exposure and opportunities. WE ARE NOT A PR COMPANY. Meaning you will still have to promote your music yourself. We do promote our artists' music on all of our channels, however our main focus is distribution administration and providing the best creative services to make your music shine in the marketplace. WE ARE NOT A BOOKING AGENCY. Meaning we do not book you shows or tours. We do however present opportunities for our artists to perform at HRDRV sponsored events, parties, and tours. WE ARE NOT A MANAGEMENT COMPANY. Meaning you can seek management elsewhere. You are never obligated to share your personal plans for your music with us, although we would love to hear about it and help you reach your goals! WE ARE NOT A PUBLISHER. Meaning you must sign up with a PRO like BMI or ASCAP to collect your performance royalties.

How do I sign up?

Easy! Visit

How much is it and what's the catch?

Silver is $29/mo, Gold is $59/mo, Platinum is $199/mo. Good news - there's no catch! Our artists own all of their publishing and we just take 5% of streaming royalties on uploads we do for you. You are also only required to distribute your music with us if you use tracks from our producers. The deal is completely non-exclusive... meaning you can partner with any other companies or labels while working with us.

Am I required to put "HRDRV" on the cover artwork and visuals I put out?

Not at all! But you're welcome to if you'd like to.

If I meet a producer through HRDRV and they send me something outside of the production library, would I be required to upload the song through HRDRV?

If the track was not in our production library already then no, you do not need to release it through HRDRV. If the producer sent you a track not in their folder, you would not need to upload through us.

How do I cancel my membership?

We'd be sad to see you go! But cancelling is easy. Just visit After cancellation, you will be unable to re-join HRDRV for at least 3 months. This policy is to ensure that artists do not come in and out just for discounted services. If there's anything we can do to better assist you please let us know. If you've already released music with us, it will not be deleted from stores (unless you ask us to). Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds on subscriptions. We are always happy to provide services until the end of your final billing cycle.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortuantely, we have a NO REFUND POLICY. This means, if you would like to cancel your HRDRV membership and you let your subscription renew, that is not on us. If you have forgotten about your subscription, that is not on us. We want our artists to be responsible and aware of their finances at all times. It is clearly stated in our terms that we do not offer refunds. These are terms that everyone agrees to if they sign up. We are always happy to provide services until the end of your final billing cycle. Mind you, we're not trying to be difficult. Our hope is that you see the extreme value we provide our community, and that you take full advantage of it. We are flexible on revisions and always do our very best to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your services.

Is HRDRV involved with the development of music and branding?

We have branding services (message development, logo design, website design etc), but that is an additional purchase. Anything additional is always majorly discounted. As for development of the music, just depends what you need! Always reach out to us.

What else does HRDRV offer?

We are constantly adding new services and features. Everything from Vocal coaching services, to Artist Investment Programs, Roku Channel video distribution, Song libraries to sell songs within our own community, plus every creative service you'd ever need as an artist, songwriter, or producer. If we don’t have it, we can find someone to get it done.

How do I update my payment method?

You may update your payment method at

Releasing Your Music

Do I have to release all of my music through HRDRV?

No. We are completely non-exclusive. You can use any of our services individually at any time (cover art, distribution admin, mixing/mastering, etc.) and are only required to release through us if you use tracks from our Beat Library.

Do I have to get my artwork and mixes approved by HRDRV before releasing?

We only need to approve artwork and mixes on the music we upload and distribute for you. If you are releasing music on your own, we do not need to approve anything. However, you are NEVER permitted to list HRDRV as the label on any releases you upload somewhere on your own.

How do I distribute my music with HRDRV?

We've made it super easy for our artists to distribute with us. If you are already signed up and logged in, you can upload your music any time by clicking "Release Music" on your Artist Services page.

What are the benefits of uploading through HRDRV vs. independently?

If uploaded through us, we post about your release on our socials, add it to our Spotify playlist, and shop it to TV/Film sync opportunities when applicable. That's currently the only difference!

What's the difference between a pre-save link and pre-order link?

A pre-save link is primarily for Spotify. When a fan pre-saves your song or album, it automatically makes them follow you on Spotify. Pre-order links are for Apple Music and other streaming platforms - so people can pre-purchase your release. It will pop up in their music library on release day.

Your Services

How long do services take to be completed?

Cover artwork, visualizers, and mixing/mastering take 10 days or less per service. We upload your songs for distribution within 2 days of your request. You can pay a small fee for expedited services.

What is a visualizer?

A visualizer is a 10-30 second clip with your cover art and release date or "coming soon" text on it. We do lyric videos too! Each service is listed in your Artist Services portal.

Can I use HRDRV's creative services for songs I don't release through HRDRV?

Yes, absolutely! You can use our services independently of one another.

What are the costs of logos and website design for HRDRV members?

Logos start at $60. Website design is $99 (does not include the plan and domain name)

What is the "Music Review" service?

You send your music in, we listen, and send back review.

Site Issues

I can't access my services! Says I don't have permission to access page.

Please make sure you are signed in with the CORRECT email address - sometimes members are logged into Facebook or a different Gmail account than their HRDRV login. Double check. If you are logged in with the correct email address and you are still having issues access your services page - please email us at Please note: The Artist Services pages are reserved for HRDRV artists only. If you are not an artist with HRDRV then you will not have access.