Death Beach is an Audio Engineer and Record Producer with a private studio in San Diego.  He is extremely flexible in the studio, not only working with artists, but also alongside other producers and engineers such as Graham Edwards and Ulrich Wilde.  Death works in multiple genres like Pop, EDM, Trap, Post Punk, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal.  He has worked with artists like Sprung Monkey, Psychotic Waltz, Vokab Kompany, Liam Horne, Isadore Noire, and Nick Henderson.  


With humble beginnings as an intern at Capricorn Studios, he eventually began running his own sessions.  During this time he learned all aspects of music production, mixing, and mastering.  The gained experience and forged relationships led to his next big venture, Death Beach Studio.  A space that was created to focus on the bigger picture of cutting an imaginative record from concept to release.


A solid approach to accenting parts and working with the key elements of a song make him flexible working in many different styles.  His original productions are often dark, pop driven, and genre defying.  Clear communication and the ability to quickly identify the vibe of a track have made it easy for him to collaborate with clients all over the world.


“Let death be your advisor

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