Memo to community re: HRDRV TEAM and Service Providers

In an attempt to clean up our communication lines and formalize our structure, we ask that community members and users do not use any language that entails or implies representation of the company in any way. Please feel free to reach out to one another on your own behalf, but not on behalf of or claiming to represent HRDRV.

You MAY refer to yourselves as HRDRV MEMBERS, but not conduct business or make requests as though part of the operations team or company.


Positions will open up and partnerships are considered on a case-by-case basis, but we should be completely clear as to how we communicate from this point forward.

Any questions, contact:



Mickey Shiloh - Chief Executive Officer

JHNY WZDM - Chief Product Officer

Chad Dexter - Chief Marketing Officer

Sandun Nissanka - Chief Operating Officer


Service providers are independent contractors. They do not speak for HRDRV, but they are able to provide services for you via our platform.


Dominique Cook - Uploads and Support

Ladidai - Community Leader

Comicun - Artwork / Visualizers

Gibz - Custom Artwork + Logos

YUNG LIL- SCustom Artwork & Visualizers

Philip Kaiten - Custom Artwork

Bast - Lo-fi visualizers

Lloyd Wright - Custom Visualizers

Ericka Guitron - Vocal Coach

Scotty Grand - Vocal Coach

BK Habermehl - Writer

AMAC - Engineer, Mentor

Josh Woods - Engineer, Mentor

Ray Champion - Engineer

Warhel - Engineer, Lyric Videos

Source - Engineer

Jeffrey Tanner - Engineer

Death Beach - Engineer, Mentor

Matt Montanez - Engineer

Luke Mitchell - Engineer

Stephen Randall - Engineer

Alex Winter - Engineer

Xavery Williams - Engineer + Music Reviewer

Rhett Gregory - Engineer

Laurel Shoots - Photographer

Vinsint - Photographer

Film Junky - Photographer

GotShotByHer - Photographer

Justin Jackson - Photographer

Roman Lane - Videographer

12 Pixel Studios - Videographer

Gavin Banksy - Videographer, Photographer

Carl Reed - Videographer

Maria Skakun - Videographer

Shana Rose - Videographer

AJxOTB - Mentor 


Ultrium Studios

Lukebox Studios 

ADV Studios 

Urbxn Legend Studios