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About us

​HRDRV is home to over 2,300 artists, songwriters and producers, building together daily. We provide our members with cover artwork, promo videos, music production, mixing & mastering, mentorship, music feedback, logo design, website design, and much more. The best part? It's non-exclusive.


We value your independence, but being independent does not mean you have to do everything alone. One of the major keys to success in this business is having a team behind you. We created HRDRV to provide you with top quality services and a community that supports you no matter where you are in your music journey.

Everything you need.

Cover Artwork

Promo Videos

Mixing & Mastering

Music Production



Distribution Administration


Logo Design

Website Design

Song Reviews


and more!

It's totally non-exclusive.

The best part about being a HRDRV artist, songwriter, or producer is that we're completely non-exclusive. You can even be signed to a major record label or publishing company and still work with us!

You remain 100% in control of your career and creative process at all times. 

Cover Artwork

Up to 10 free cover artworks per month from HRDRV's in-house team or hire from our vetted professional's list.

Promo Videos

Up to 10 free cover promo videos for your music
releases every month.